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Just like wine...

We hope to get better with age! Today we turn 3, and we celebrate with one of our favorite birthday quotes: "Don't just count your years, make your years count." Since launching, using funds generated by YOUR GoodSteps purchases, we have provided (via MANA Nutrition) 6,890 days worth of nutrition to malnourished children around the world. A severely malnourished child needs 3 nutritional packets a day for 42-56 days, meaning you have directed the funding to fully treat at least 123 CHILDREN. We have also provided, via Atlanta Community Food Bank, over 58,513 meals to food insecure families, children and seniors throughout Georgia. Given that 1 in 4 children in Georgia are food insecure (they do not know where their next meal is coming from),...

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Sweet Summertime

We having been enjoying every minute of summer over here and hope you have too! Every year as summer really gets under way, we are reminded just how much time we spend in flip flops. Our supportive and water resistant Nomads are perfect for the pool, the beach, the lake or just about any other adventure you are chasing, and our soft leather Originals are all you need to complete any summer outfit. 

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Hunger Walk Run 2019

We had perfect weather for this year's Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk! This was our third year to participate as a team, and together we raised enough to provide 5,300 meals to food insecure folks here in Georgia. Kudos to ACFB for an awesome event and to our Team GoodSteps members and donors for making such an impact!

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Starting them early

We had another great evening sorting food at Atlanta Community Food Bank's product rescue center, and loved having a few of our littlest Team GoodSteps members on hand to help out! Over the course of just two hours, we sorted more than 10,400 pounds of food, which could be used to make 6,030 meals for food insecure folks throughout north Georgia.

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For Humanity

Team GoodSteps had a wonderful (cold and rainy) day at the Atlanta Community Food Bank helping sort over 16,000 pounds of food 💪. We volunteered this particular day in celebration of Pro Humanitate Day, a day of service organized by Wake Forest University.  Wake's motto, Pro Humanitate (For Humanity), is a calling to use our knowledge, talents and compassion to better the lives of others. Whether that means donating time and resources to our communities or simply a lifelong commitment to pursuing our best self, that is a motto we can all get behind!

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