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Toddler Nomad

The purchase of this product will provide over 24 meals to a person in need OR over 6 days worth of basic nutrition for one child. Please choose the giving partner you would like to support through your purchase.

There is no standard sizing for children's shoes, so we strongly encourage you to print out this FIT GUIDE to find your child's perfect fit!

Our Toddler Nomads include a rounded heel cup and cushioned “memory” foam top layer, which should keep the littlest feet comfortable and supported while ensuring durability. Our removable elastic heel strap helps keep little feet in place and can be easily cut off when it is no longer needed. See how to remove the heel strap here.

Along with these shape features, GoodSteps® uses non-marking rubber on the bottom so that your littles won’t leave a path of pesky black marks. Our straps also include a cushioned foam layer so the top of their foot feels just as loved as the bottom.