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Questions answered: the GIVE

Some folks have asked us about the actual mechanics behind our giving model, so this is for you! For each product that we sell, we dedicate a specific dollar amount to the giving partner chosen by that customer: what you see as the customer is the actual number of meals and/or days worth of nutrition that dollar amount will enable our giving partner to provide to those they serve. Here’s an example:

1 pair of GoodSteps Originals = $12 dedicated to customer-selected giving partner = 48 ACFB meals or 13 days of MANA nutrition

Each product has its own dollar amount dedicated to a giving partner and we keep a running tally of how many products are sold and the giving partner chosen for each of those products. Beginning this September, we will write a check to each of our giving partners for the corresponding amount. We will do this four times a year, at the end of each fiscal quarter. This quarterly timeline allows us to evaluate how many products are final sales and can therefore be counted toward each giving partner.

I hope you found this interesting and cheers to shopping #onpurpose!

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